3. Making Millions in Your Early Twenties – with Deep Patel

Deep Patel

“I literally walked into the bank one day… I was like, ‘I would like to withdraw my money.’ I transferred it all to Gemini. And the banker was interrogating me. He was like, “Are you sure? Are you doing this of your own will?” I’m like, ‘Yes. I’m absolutely sure.’ I was telling you this earlier, every penny went into Bitcoin. In fact my account went into overdraft, because you have to have a $25 minimum balance. So 100% of my cash is in Bitcoin.”

In this episode, Deep and Kentaro discuss how Deep started doing business at 13, why he wrote a book at 16, how he escaped the burdens of high school to focus on his business, and much more. Deep is an amazing storyteller and it was hard to not laugh in this one. Please enjoy.