7. How a Silicon Valley Veteran Wins in the Cutthroat L.A. Restaurant Business – With Chris Karimian

Chris Karimian

“People were contacting me because they went on the Instagram and they found the number, and would call me and say, ‘Where’s the restaurant?’ and I’d say ‘We’re not a restaurant we’re a popup. We haven’t launched yet, our first day is on Thursday.’ And on that Thursday we show up at a 5pm to set up for that 7pm launch, and there’s already a hundred people standing in line.” 

In this episode Kentaro is joined by Chris Karimian, a serial entrepreneur in Silicon Valley who has entered the famously cutthroat Los Angeles restaurant business – during covid times, no less. Now on his way to opening multiple locations and franchising, Chris shares how he executed the proof of concept for Chris and Eddy’s with just a $3,000, how mentorship and constant iteration of the product were critical to his success, how $20 a day in Facebook ads led to hundreds of people waiting hours in line to eat, and much more. Please enjoy this episode with Chris.