8. Fighting for Your Life in Thailand – With Muay Thai Champion Athit Praditphon

Athit Praditphon

“Thai people [are] training and fighting because life. That’s why someone looking [says] oh, why [do] Thai people put a baby fighting, so bad blah blah. And you can’t [say anything] because some people don’t know what [is] Thai life. And we fighting for life. We’re not fighting for love.” Athit Praditphon is a Muay Thai fighter and champion from Chumphon, Thailand who started training when he was 4 years old. Throughout his 40 year career he has had 676 fights, and of those, only 22 losses. In this episode Athit and Kentaro discuss what the daily training regimen was like, how much he made from his fights, the effect his fighting career has had on his body, and much more. Please enjoy.